Selected Interviews and Podcasts

Santa Fe Institute Alien Crash Site Podcast , (2021), What lies in the space between? with Aerospace Engineer Ryan McGranaghan

NASA in Silicon Valley Podcast , (2018), Lika Guhathakurta and Ryan McGranaghan Talk About Space Weather

National Science Foundation Convergence Accelerator Program, (2019), NSF Convergence Accelerator // Overview

Selected Talks

The Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics "Friends of the Magnetospere (FOM)" Series , (2021), Toward a Heliophysics Knowledge Commons: The Heliophysics KNOWledge Network (Helio-KNOW)

Machine Learning for Planetary and Space Physics , (2021), Advancing space physics research through machine learning and information representation: A use case

Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) 2021 Conference , (2021), Quantifying Risk In Space Weather

Ignite American Geophysical Union , (2020), Discover the space between disciplines

Ignite Boulder , (2016), Outer Space is a Place with Weather

TEDx University of Colorado Boulder , (2015), Living with a star

American Geophysical Union 2018 Fall Meeting HyperWall, (2018), Ushering in a New Frontier in Heliophysics with Data Science